OUR ARK consortium

The COCÖÖÖN is part of a Supra Consortium called Our Ark Alliance initiated by Virginie Guignard Legros and her colleagues from other projects in which she chose to work on the basis of their values ​​and goals of sustainable development and aid for humanity.

  • Thus, The COCÖÖÖN helps to solve mass community problems around the notions of protection and reintegration of the individual, the group and the community.
  • EQORIA is developing a city of the future project based on 11 levels of consciousness and where the notion of individual property does not exist and each living species is a citizen of EQORIA. It is a project that will be in beta test with first cities created for climate refugees.
  • FOUNDUps creates a new typology of compagnies that belongs to the community and whose profits are injected into new projects or even new companies based on choices distributed by artificial intelligence technology.
  • WAGER GAMES offers an unprecedented platform to help players in online video games competitions, which are recognized as e-sports, to make them pay as a professional of this new branch of global activity.