Originally in 2017, the project SPHERES conceived by Virginie Guignard Legros was an ecosystem concept protected online, but disconnected from the public web that allowed innovators and families to be able to evolve on the web with secure tools and content whose quality is guaranteed by various processes.

Two years later, the concepts remain the same but have evolved or adapted themselves, enriched by the needs of the beneficiary communities that have joined the projects. Thus the family sphere has become a mixed project, a third field, a technological third, and a third off the web. The sphere of the individual innovator or with his team co-creating with other teams or innovator has been enriched with complementary services to startups, entrepreneurs and investors.

  • “BUSSINESS” whose objective is to develop positive synergies from one Site The COCÖÖÖN to another by creating trade, links, joint projects developed in the Chamber of commerce and Industry INNOVATION et RESILIENCE.
  • “HUMAN” with themes like reintegration, hope resilience has an excellent echo in communities of war victims, NGOs around youth and family and those of the homeless. The whole thing is in the New Civil Give Matrix in which people are invited to take control of their destiny.
  • Innovative Co-Creation with services to “BUSSINESS” and “HUMAN” with dissemination and exchange of formal and informal knowledge, creation of projects, research, an incubator of projects, mutual aid between communities with EKOW organization.