Our story

In March 2018, after coordinating 6 sessions of the project management MOOC GdP-Lab of the Ecole Centrale d’Ingénieurs of Lille, Virginie Guignard Legros founder of The COCÖÖÖN consortium and her team from 25 people first created an online incubator for their alumni, then an association COCÖÖÖN organization to help innovators.

July 2018, Ms. Guignard Legros, as part of an Xprize contest, designed a program to get the poorest farmers out of extreme poverty in increment of 1 million people at a time.

December 2018, 2 associations the CJPVGCI and the NIDE regrouping populations of victims of war of the City of Daloa and in the five regions that are Haut Sassandra, the departments of Daloa, Issia, Vavoua and Zoukougbeu, in Ivory Coast, have signed a contract with COCÖÖÖN organizations to conduct research and fund ethics dispatch. From January to March 2019, a program around resilience begins to be structured by The COCÖÖÖN consortium for this community of 47,000 people.

March 2019, an event is organized by these two same associations in the Town of Daloa 3rd city of Ivory Coast in the presence of 2000 people, ministerial representatives, representatives of all the religions and traditional communities of Ivory Coast. This was the first time in nearly 50 years that an assembly brought together all these communities under one roof. All signed the creation of the first resilience center in Africa dedicated to peace: “a heart for all”.

Since then, The COCÖÖÖN consortium has been spreading across Africa, India, Europe. It is always NGOs in place who ask to benefit from its programs or who have a problem that they can not solve and therefore request our expertise.


  • May 2017:
    • aaa Foundation – Lausanne – Switzerland – https://www.fondation-aaa.org – Partnership info: Partnership with Post COCÖÖÖN structure called GIKAI renewed with the new structure.
  • March 2018:
  • December 2018:
  • March 2019:
  • June 2019:
    • Covici makes official war victims’ organizations in relation with the CPI. It represents 150,000 victims throughout Ivory Coast. Document – infos
    • Blockchain Chamber of Commerce – Atlanta – USA
  • August 2019: