An informal Consortium: The COCÖÖÖN administratively managed by an association: COCÖÖÖN organizations.

We are structured in 4 typologies :

  • the COCÖÖÖN organizations association which manages the administration of the ecosystem
  • the Brand EVE alization which manages projects intended to become profit centers to meet the financial needs of the association
  • the CCRII which is the Chamber of Commerce Resilience and International Innovation which is a place of exchanges on line and during event between the companies, the innovators and the ONG according to a principle of circle of interests.
  • the beneficiaries of our consortia such as families, innovators, start-ups, Investors, people traumatized by life (famine, war, poverty, climate disasters) like the farmer living in extreme poverty, through climate refugees until to the homeless of our modern cities.
  • Our projects are set up with a maximum of 10% of external stakeholders whose mission is to train stakeholders in the country who will train the new local team. in this one 20% are academics of the country minimum.