Innovative Co-Creation

Innovating because our founder is fully innovative in education, work, team and advanced technology management such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality…

Co-creation, because it is one of the most important subjects of change of our century and no organization will escape it. It’s the new way to work as a team and make projects.

Our structure is called “EKOW organization”.

Our areas of choice:

Project incubation with CUB:

  • after training more than 600 students in applied project management, our team launched its incubator in 2017 for its alumni
  • but also its own projects like those of Our No Bank which consists of 26 governance and data management platforms.

The search:

  • on Banana fiber for textile use
  • on the improvement of beef breeds in Africa for meat
  • on the development of an application to treat trauma with virtual reality.

The online university:

  • with reinforcement courses for schools
  • certifying training
  • the mobile platform for illiterate people