Civil New Deals

It is the Humanitarian Sphere of The COCÖÖÖN run by the association COCÖÖÖN organizations based in Geneva, Switzerland and local organizations as Embassies and associations.

Civil New Deals beneficiaries are located in Africa, India and the West with on-site services and online programs called “HUMAN FIRST”.

A Sphere is a protected ecosystem in real life or on the internet. Both are often inter-related.

Several projects exist in the sphere:

  • WOMEN with birthing centers that provide care to the pregnant woman, the family and postpartum surgeries and those needed after rapes or excisions whose sequelae have a negative impact on the quality of life of the women.
  • RESILIENCE, “a heart for all” which are multimodal centers dedicated to health, which can host a WOMAN project, a maternity hospital, a training center for entrepreneurship, agriculture, new technologies, 11 levels of consciousness to integrate the Cities of Future EQORIA, a Chamber of Commerce Resilience and International Innovation CCRII of The COCÖÖÖN, a conference center dedicated to resilience and representative offices of our partners.
  • REED = Rice & Seed is a program that aims to help the poorest people get out of their extreme poverty through exponential knowledge dissemination processes, local support for change and the implementation of essential equipment, technology platforms including online stores, exchange Token, training and other governance systems.
  • MyLife is an online program on social media, radio and in the field with youth on the theme of the dissemination of hope through song, activities, positive information and the arts.