EVE alization

It is the incubator of The COCÖÖÖN and administered by COCÖÖÖN organizations. It deals with all the services of the ecosystem that can have income from commercial activities or requiring funds from the business.

The objective of The COCÖÖÖN being to create links between Humanitarian and Employment this branch of the consortium can have a very wide field of action. Our current actions are about education, incubation, world wide events about innovation, urbanism and territoty governance, magazines, virtual reality to cure trauma, financial services for startups and NGO, representation of products, people selected on human values.

  • UNIVersity, our online MOOC platform to create online training but also to strengthen the educational offer of the field with the implementation of flipped classes.
  • CÜBO, our online incubator available to our alumini and beneficiaries who make the GdP-Lab, project team MOOC GdP project management of the Ecole Centrale d’Ingénieurs de Lille and active for the development of our projects and research with our partners or internally.
  • GENIUS, event, in connection with the SHINES project that is rewarding innovators around the world and the CCRII, Chamber of Commerce Resilience and International Innovation, whose vocation is to put forward innovators for youth.
  • WISE cities, an urban and territorial restructuring service proposed to the authorities where our beneficiaries are located, in partnership with Steeve Ray of BKST ARCHITECTES SA.
  • MAGazines, an information service for our beneficiaries. The first magazine is oriented popularization of topics developed by or for our beneficiaries (technologies, science …) it is distributed in our communities and to the general public.
  • LIFE on LINE, learning development programs through the implementation of real projects in order to arrive at a know-how allowing the implementation of our research program on the social rehabilitation after a traumatism.
  • BROKERS, representation of services like the ethical dispatch of funds for other NGOs, the search for funds for startups
  • GLOBAL EMBASSY, technological and human embassy intertwined with the CCRII, Chamber of Commerce Resilience and International Innovation, which represents products or people (speakers, coaches, professors) selected.

More information : https://evealization.com