CIRCLES sub-consortia

CIRCLES corresponds to the communities of The COCÖÖÖN consortium. They are managed for beneficiaries affiliated with COCÖÖÖN organizations and for companies with COCÖÖÖN & cie. They are sub-consortia of the consortium.

They are regulated by SOCIAL CODE which gives the vision, the history, the functioning of the whole, the expectations and the duties of the affiliated members, the process of the royalties … It is an evolutive and collaborative document.

The CIRCLES are of various kinds and the affiliated members can participate in several circles. The main ones are dedicated to:

  • volunteers (supervisors, administrators, ideators …)
  • beneficiaries (Example: the members of COVICI are 140,000 official war victims in Ivory Coast).
  • partners
  • innovators (individual, project teams, startups …)
  • research organizations (on the optimization of cattle breeds, on the manufacture of banana textiles …)
  • NGOs on topics common to each other (AIDS, Poverty, schooling, after-effects of war …)
  • companies (Example: agro-food processing in Africa)

CIRCLE participates in the dynamics of the CCI and that of the spheres: thematic ecosystems.