The COCÖÖÖN consortium

The COCÖÖÖN is a consortium whose objective is peace in the human world and the economy of tools, the world of business by entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists.

It is a matrix representing the entire ecosystem, projects, associations, NGOs, its members, partners or affiliates.

Its main structure is COCÖÖÖN organisms. It manages contracts with affiliate members, partners and circles. All affiliated members and partners can benefit from the services of COCÖÖÖN organizations.

The services of COCÖÖÖN organizations are formalized in the form of project incubator, fundraising service, academic structures, community platforms, technology, framework for studies and research, buildings such as Resilience Centers, networks community reinforcements, spaces for dialogue on societal themes, the main one being peace and prosperity through resilience.

Our field of action is Africa, India and the West. Our beneficiaries are people traumatized by wars, famine, climate disasters, extreme poverty, innovators, families and the homeless.

Our team, our NGO partners, our donors and our innovators incubated by us each have the means to help the children of tomorrow and their families to create their future according to the Sustainable Development Goals (UN CF).