The COCÖÖÖN consortium

The COCÖÖÖN is a consortium whose objective is peace in humanitarian world, economy of tools and the world of business by entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists.

It is a matrix that recreates an entire viable ecosystem , with projects, associations, NGOs, partners and affiliated or beneficiary members.

The COCÖÖÖN consortium is formalized according to three main axes whose main theme is peace and prosperity through resilience:

  • The Civil New Deals (Nouvelles Donnes Civiles) are projects carried out for and by specific populations or cities, regions, even states whose objective is the strengthening of economic, family and cultural roots, empowerment by stakeholders premises with respect for dignity and cultural differences. You will find our NDT under the “HUMAN FIRST” LABEL
  • Innovative Co-Creations are collective projects of Services to our ecosystem and partners carried out according to collective intelligence protocols and respect for the authorship of ideas. It includes COCÖÖÖN University, thematic circles, project support with the innovative project incubator CUB.EKOW and our GOLD.EKOW franchises. You will find the Services under the “EKOW” LABEL (Earth Kingdom of wealth)
  • A Chamber of Commerce and Industry to promote commercial synergies between our various locations, Embassies that represent companies selected for their potential for excellence, company members physically or digitized and innovative projects . You will find our CCI about INNOVATION and RESILIENCE on

Our field of action is Africa, India and the West. Our beneficiaries are people traumatized by wars, famine, climate disasters, extreme poverty, innovators, families and the homeless according to the Sustainable Development Goals (UN CF).